(Anglican Communion)


Welcome to our official website

In Bukuru Diocese, we believe in information generating and sharing. For information is the most invaluable fuel the whole world of humanity burns in-order to move on consciously and knowledgeably. No one then thrives confidently who does not glean information and who does not make information available to others. No one also is known about whom there is no information. We have information and ever willing to make it available. Do find out about us and know us for who we are. Our site provides a good meeting point, an enriching knowledge source and a spiritually reviving meal for every soul that hungers. We are open to sharing with you out there, whatever the Lord feeds us with, and to make open for your information what He is doing through us. Therefore get to know us for the values we stand for and the cause we pursue as you read us, courtesy the information technology wizardry of website.

+Rt. Rev. J.N.B Zhumbes PhD, MA, BEd, BD, NCE, Cert.Theo