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2016 Bishop's Charge


The Rt. Rev J.N.B Zhumbes MA,Bed,BD,NCE,Cert.Theo
Anglican Bishop of Bukuru

The Broom Sweeping; What future for Nigeria?
While life is harsh on Nigeria right now, we hope that this is momentary. On the other hand however, the broom appears really sweeping both the surface and the crevices-for the funds that past office holders- both civil servants and politicians carted away while in office. If this is justly and fairly gone about, without partisan and sentimental inclinations and biases, then what a good omen and welcome gesture this is to the Nigerian nation. The impunity of corruption must be curbed and better checked apparatuses subsequently put in place to continuously checkmate such excesses.
May the broom earnestly, honestly sweep clean everyone that is traced to have accumulated the corruption filth on themselves. For a swept house makes for a clean environment and a clean environment makes for a healthy inhabitant. A swept Nigeria then, will be a ready environment to breed a healthier generation of tomorrow's Nigerians. The way you make your bed, it is said, is the way you lie. Yet while government sweeps on the alleged corruption mess of the past years of our democratic experience and with particular attention on financial corruption, all other corruption related practices must not be spared, for they are a synergy. But while corruption is swept clean from the public arena, may it not find a new corruption bin in the Church. For this sin will be worst than the former.
For Nigeria to stand, it. Is not enough to sweep corruption. Nigeria will only stand if development comes off the ground and stand. The heap built from the loot of past administrations must be turned into wealth through long term developmental initiatives. It is a fact that a lot has been lost to corruption over the years, but the moment awareness comes a retrace of our steps can lead us back to recovery. Time waits for no one. Before we know it, four years would have gone pass with us still battling with theoretical policies without practical. Nigeria can rise again. And this rise can be faster if unhealthy partisan interest is shelved and the future of Nigeria placed above every other interest.

The Youth
Our youth continue to be the strength for today and the hope for a brand new tomorrow. Yet vulnerability remains their second name. The wise of them however, save themselves by getting aligned to Jesus Christ. Youth with a future therefore are friends to Jesus Christ. Those that have been of choice enemy to Christ are the ones opened to every satanic attack. They are preys hunted everyday by the enemy. The youth are predominantly the victims of drug addiction, alcoholism, sexual immorality, cultism, arm robbery and the likes. They are today massively recruited into terrorist armies all around the world. They largely form the suicide squads in the whole world today plagued and threatened by terrorism. Advantage is taken of them because they are the most adventurous and the most daring of all age groups. May the youth know that they are youthful today for a most vibrant tomorrow. The blood of any of them is too precious to be spilled for the mission of the godless, wicked and purposeless elders. These purposeless elders indoctrinate to. Steal, kill and destroy. The youth need to know that endurance, perseverance and a sane and dogged advancement through life has the gains of tomorrow covered in the pains of today, the pleasures ahead covered in the sacrifices of the moment, the exaltation of tomorrow covered in the humility of today. That the self control of today pays in the maturity of the years ahead. That the devotion of today will pay up in the promotion of tomorrow. That the great and enormous potentials of today, are given to build the castles of tomorrow. The lord God Almighty did not detail an old man but an unborn and later young vibrant Samson to free the Israelites from the Philistines. The exceptional qualities in Samson became an envious attraction and that gave reason for the exploration to know the secret of his strength by the enemy. That is one of the greatest threats to a youthful stage of life. As a youth, you are beautiful/ handsome; as a youth you are energetic, as a youth you are daring, as a youth you are restless. When all of these potentials are not properly guided, they get to be vulnerable to mismanagement. The greedy and thoughtless elder will want to take advantage of you to execute their own self promoting agendas. The sexually immoral opposite sex would strive to abuse you. The youth without Christ will be a ready thug in the hands of the wicked, a ready sex slave in the hands of the morally corrupt. Youth, guard your life, for in it lies your future. Save it in Christ Jesus and you will have it to abundantly enjoy.

The Middle Belt
The middle belt of this country remains in the middle of Nigeria ever strategically placed as the waist of the north and the south. Strategic as its location is, so critical is its peace to the peace and health of Nigeria. It remains indisputably the food basket of Nigeria.
The middle belt during the 2015 general elections experienced a political tsunami. The PDP which had been landlord to most of the states within the region, unbelievably got swept, and swept clean by the opportunistic broom of the APC. And today throughout the middle belt the APC reigns. As it tastes the waters, the people are watching. After the upturning of the political table was the people's decision. If the APC government at various levels does well, it may be given another chance. If however the people are dissatisfied with it in the Middle belt, the song may change.
The food basket however has been turned into war basket. In the recent past, it was plateau state, Nasarawa,Taraba, southern part of Kaduna and the Tiv land of Benue state. These days it is the displacement of the whole of Agatu nation and part of Enugu state. A good number of the people have been killed while the survivors driven away from their land and ancestral homes. The invaders have taken over and are today comfortably settled on the land. These with their wealth of cattles are said to armed to the tooth.
But this is not the news. The news is that government has either taken its eyes off or has insensitively watched as the land of the Agatu people and part of Enugu is intruded,the people massacred and robbed of their land. The inhabitants of these lands are core Nigerians by every definition, are today languishing in internally displaced camps as internally displaced persons, while their assailants comfortably bask on in the euphoria of their conquest in the land that is not theirs .Nigeria is the only country where the lawless become law in themselves when they have might to back them up.
The Agatus are not nomads. These are a people used to settled life. They are farmers by tradition with their ancestral lands and not cows as their inheritance. Yet like naboth, on their own very land, their blood has been innocently spilled and let licked by dogs. They have not gone out looking for anybody's trouble, but in their peace loving nature, trouble has travelled across boundaries to meet them. As to whether governments- state and federal are alive and sensitive to this, I do not know. Yet it will amount to the neglect of the a whole people if all within the wealth of the law is not explored, employed and deployed for the People to return to their land , their homes and their farms. Justice will remain denied until justice is given to the deserving. The Rt. Revd. JBN Zhumbes. The Anglican Bishop of Bukuru.