Christmas simply put is celebrating Christ the saviour of humankind from our sins. It is identifying with with Immanuel God with us-God descending in human form to dwell among humankind-in the words of John the apostle. “The Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us...” (John 1:14a). Yet this is no news, for before the mountains were formed, unknown and unseen to man in the physical, God has always been there as the dwelling place of his children. He is the being from everlasting to everlasting. Then, He would speak to humankind from the depths of eternity and humankind would hear him from the depth of our being where through the indwelling of His Holy Spirit, He has taken up residence.

But on the occasion of Christmas, He chose not to only reveal himself to humankind, but to dwell with us as man to man and flesh to flesh.-the Word, Jesus Christ who is immanuel God with us became seen and tangible. And and to them that believe, have welcomed and received Him into their hearts in the riches of His revelation, He lives in them as Christ the hope of glory (Colossians 1:27).

Celebrating Christ implies our admittance that He is alive and lives and reigns within us. And that we may enjoy our celebration of him, we must learn and form a habit of tuning in to his living presence. And mark you cultivating the habit of the continual presence of Christ is living in continuous celebration of him.

And friend, the wonder of Christ’s birth has no equal nor rival, therefore its worth for celebration is without measure. And to pleasantly surprise you, the unannounced wonder of it all, and which Christ himself and heaven celebrate, is the celebration of your and my rebirth into eternal life. For the essence of His birth is that we too may be born again from sin to righteousness. For talking with Cornellius Jesus said to him, “I assure you that unless a person is born again, that is, born anew from above, such a person can never see nor be acquainted with and experience the kingdom of heaven (John 3:3 Amp). In other words, unless you celebrate Christ together with your new birth-rebirth, you will miss eternal life-the sole purpose for which He left the glory of heaven and descended to your sin stained earth to dwell with you. As He did over two thousand years ago, He offers himself to anew again this Christmas. Therefore take Him as a fresh gift to you with awe and humility. Make time to explore the vast dimensions of His love for you; its outstretched length, its bottomless depth and its limitless and peak-less height, and you cannot but on your knees and with uplifted hands flow out in thankfulness from your heart in jubilant response to the preciousness and magnitude of this glorious gift.

This Christmas, Celebrate Christ and be a co-celebrant with Him, remembering that his birth also marks your rebirth as the old in you gets gone and the new comes into being.

Do you believe in Christ? Do you love Him enough? Do you really value Him? Have you found Him truly worthy of your celebration everyday all life long, and not just at Christmas?

Mark you, how much you value Him tells in the way you celebrate Him. And this is equally your self celebration as you look forward to celebrating Him endlessly in eternity.

+Jwan Bukuru.