Calvary the hill of pains and tears is equally the hill of healing, comfort and gains. Out of it has come the material for the building of the house of consolation. The wood of the cross upon which our saviour was crucified became the indispensable material that constructed the necessary house of consolation. The temple of our heavenly blessings is founded on Jesus the Solid Rock turned the unfailing River of our Salvation. The Solid Rock of our firm standing has translated to the River of our unfeigned and infinite Salvation, and this, by the spear that pierced His side. No scene of sacred history has the record of ever gladdening the soul’s heart as does the Calvary tragedy. This day was a mixed grill; righteousness and sin clashed; sorrow and joy met; grace and grass jammed and the victor and vanquish decided. The sinless was pierced, crashed and consumed by the lacerated whip, the thorny crown, the nails and the spear all Marshaled into Christ’s innocent being, all that you and me may live. Out of his pains has come our gains. On the cross of Calvary Christ thirst for your soul and mine, and in this place and out of His thirst, grace dug a fountain which ever lives and gushes out in waters pure and crystal, with each drop capable of alleviating and quenching the thirst of the woes of humankind in sin and iniquity, in transgression and trespass, and in eveil and wickedness. The blood thirsty and life hungry havoc of Coronavirus is then, not beyond this super powerful fountain of His ever flowing blood to sweep and to wash; to cleanse and to mop, to erase and to eradicate, to stop and to stamp out. For the efficacy of Christ’s blood is limitless and unstoppable. Just believe the institution by the Father of this precious sacrifice solely arranged for your salvation and mine, and be assured that the blessings that come with it are enormous and your salvation guaranteed, even if this were the end and the day of the Lord were at hand. You only need to be righteous and remain true to the Lord. For the righteous lives in no fear, as they have nothing to fear. To him, if it is the day of the Lord, it is most longed for and it is gain, and never a day to be dreaded. If Christ yet tarries and it is grace, it is Christ-gleaning and winning of more souls for the kingdom.
+Jwan Bukuru

Good Friday is a day of hope, a day of gain and a day of joy. “This is a day sacred to the Lord your God. Do not mourn or weep... Do not grieve, for the Joy of the Lord is your strength,” (Nehemiah 8:9b&10b). Do not turn it dark and gloomy day, but make it glad and joyful.