The world since about three months now has been left confused, lost and running helter skelta, beating its head left, right and Centre all to no avail, over a virus that has been on rampage and such as seems to have defied being tamed. Humanity has been visited by a virus in plague form that cannot be caught let alone nailed. Human laboratories appear to have failed and solution seems far fetched and a long way in coming. The strictly restricted and highly sophisticated enclaves where arsenals of mass destruction have always been churned out, have failed woefully to produce a killer weapon to this killer and mass killer of humankind. Every day the news on, and from every form media, does not not seem complete without the mention of the death toll resulting from this virus and the statistics of its new victims. Like a vicious terrorists group, it appears to be without mercy, killing every day yet ever catching and leading much more to the slaughter. Beginning from a very tiny spot in China, it has daily spread on twenty four hours unstoppable like an Australian or Californian wild bush fire catching and destroying lives. Humanity for the first time, appears locked up and caged in, as the global village made of the world due to air transportation has been punctured and punctuated by a near global ban on it. It may then be counterfeitly said, that the fear of Coronavirus is the beginning of wisdom. Yet true wisdom will demand that what you cannot fight humanly in the realm of conventional warfare, you should point you to he who is able fight all of your battles in the spiritual realm and translating all victorious results to manifesting in the physical, for the glory of his name and the edification of humanity. This new entrant has over taken every other form of diseases and infections that have for ages been a threat to human life. This is because it has touched so badly lives it should not touch. If not, why is it that the annual sweeping 800, 000 African lives by malaria and the fact that 1oit of 12 Africans die before 5th birthday not a global concern? This is other than accidents, terrorists, communal clashes, banditry, ritual killings, poverty and famine related deaths all prevalent on the landscape of Africa. Yet the media has so blown the trumpet of the trumpet of the Coronavirus loudest and has thereby almost brought the whole world to a stand still.

Whatever the hue is about this, May the Coronavirus insurgency and the scare that has come along with it, send the eye our hearts teaming up with our physical eyes looking up to the Lord, the hill of our salvation; the one who heals, protects and preserves. For, from him alone will come our help. And though the whole world may be locked up, stranded and at a stand still, we have an omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent God and the only wise, and the one with whom solution lies to all human problems.

Before you always, the Lord our God has spread out his providence. Locking up the world as such, is no solution to the Coronavirus plague, for unless the Lord locks up the Coronavirus and brings the plague to a stop, man’s attempt at locking the world up in the hope of locking the virus away, is an effort in futility. Looking up to him however who is your help, hope and health, will assuredly have help come from on high. If this pandemic were a sin orchesttrated and all consuming plague, and while Jesus still tarries, the Lord will as always, preserve a righteous remnant for himself. His world, he has given his word, He will not roll off and fold up until Jesus makes his second coming. Therefore human sin is enough to cut short the span of his world nor reverse the forward movement of his clock. The prayers of the faithful however, do secure his intervention. For when the children of God pray, the Lord either directly intervenes or points them to a solution-cure. “Prepare a poultice of figs” (2Kings 29:7), was God’s prescription to Hezekiah through the Prophet Isaiah when his life was visibly threatened by an illness. The recipients of the instruction took God’s words with all the seriousness it deserved did exactly as he instructed and the ailment was cut off, healed and he lived on. John the apostle quoted Jesus in, vis avis his reference to the experience of the Israelites in the wilderness thus , “Just as Moses lifted up the snake in the desert, so the son of man must be lifted, that everyone who believes in him may have eternal life,” (John 3:14&15). The Israelites from Egypt en-route the promised land had sinned by speaking against Moses and against God, and God had sent venomous snakes which went on rampage and bit them on for as long as they remained stubborn and unrepentant. When they eventually confessed their sins, repented and requested Moses to intercede for them and he indeed prayed that the Lord May take away the snakes from them, the Lord heard their prayer through Moses and instructed him to make a bronze snake and put it up on a pole that whoever was bitten and looked at it, would live. Moses did as the Lord had instructed and whoever looked at the lifted bronze snake on the pole, indeed lived. Human help help is never from below but always from above and from a God highly lifted up above all human beings. This help is meant for humanity, yet it is only only pulled down by faith. Only an unwavering faith attracts and moves God to let it come down to humanity; it is the work of a heart given to such a faith that dares to look up without shifting, to this one and only source of help that is indeed help. For God’s help is never fake nor is it a scam. When he helps, you are indeed helped.

May He therefore today, lay before you a pool of mercy and enable your faith the quality of confidence strong enough to take a plunge into it. For his grace is never in short supply, but our faith could be so small a dust-like in the heart that we get ourselves shortchanged of his blessings. Is your fear so great and your faith so tiny? Are your graces being exhausted and your courage and confidence in the Lord’s capacity and ability to hold you so low? Note that your life cannot be held or kept by you because you cannot keep it, for the secret to its breathing on is only with God. We pray then, that this day, he wells you up in daring faith that you may take the full measure of his blessings due to you and amidst the Coronavirus debacle, remain calm as you stand still and see what deliverance the He brings to you today. For the Egyptian (Coronavirus) you see today, you will never see again. The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still, (Exodus 14:13&14). Stand still! Stand stilll!! Stand still!!!.