Through the ages, dressing has always attracted attention and comments-accusation, gossip, condemnation or commendation. In the Nigerien context, this has never attained its peak controversy as it has, in the 21st century. The century has witnessed such an attention attracting change in the way people dress, that I have seen for the first time in my lifetime. Parts of the human body that ordinarily would have been strictly hidden, are now exposed and deliberately so. The accusing finger of man points at the ills of physical dressing. What about spiritual dressing? Who is the accuser? Strangely not man, for man is comfortable when he chooses sin for his dressing. Yet while man keeps quiet, the devil points the finger and brings the accusation. He does this particularly against the children of God when he wants to pick a pound of flesh with them and to make none sense of God and his servants.

Zacharia 3:1-6 is a vision.

Jeshua was Israel’s high priest when the remnant returned to Jerusalem from Babylon after the exile. He with other returnees began rebuilding the walls as reported in Haggai 1:1; 12:2-4.

Jeshua representing the nation of Israel, is here accused by satan. These accusations were not in error, they were correct. Jeshua in filthy rags represents sins and sinful Israel. God however chose to reach out to his people in mercy, revealing that it is his prerogative to save his people in spite of their sins. God knew about the sin of his people, but satan was the one in the forefront of accusing them.
It is noteworthy that satan is in that habit of accusing God’s children especially accusing them of their sins before God (Job1:6). This, he does from the point of misunderstanding God’s breadth, length and depth of mercy and how much and how long he is willing to forgive the sins of those who believe in him.

God had punished Judah through the fiery fire of great trials. They had come under the sword, been plundered and visited by plagued. But God had rescued them from the fire before they would be completely destroyed. This had done like would be done to a burning stick that has been snatched from the fire.

What is the lesson for us who are God’s children today?
We see in Zechariah’s vision a graphic representation of how we have God reach our us in mercy in spite of our persistence in sin. We literally do nothing ourselves, but God himself comes to us and removes our filthy rags-sins, and as he did to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden removing leafs and clothing them with skin thus clothing them appropriately and anew, he is ever generously lavishing on us who ever filthy and in sinful rags, fine new robes. Putting in and on us a new being created to be like him in true righteousness and holiness (Ephesians 4:24).

His robes of righteousness and holiness then, reverse our looks and revive  our souls. This ever proactive and responsive act hit its peak when “God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so in him, we might become the righteousness of God” (2Cor. 5:21)
Note that satan will always dare to tell you that you are dirty, filthy and messy. Whenever he tries to make you feel that unworthy before your Lord and your Saviour Jesus Christ, all you need do, is get on your knees heart and literal and hold God to his promises “to accept you as you are” whenever you come to him. Like a Jacob,  hold on tiredly to him telling him that unless changes your clothes, dresses  you anew in new and fine robes, you will never let go of him.

Do always remember that the clean clothes of Christ’s righteousness and holiness are always there to dress the repentant sin stained and sin filthy believer anew. Dressed by the Lord himself, your worth is no more in doubt as it is fully restored. Always have it behind your mind that no matter how stinking your sin may be, Jesus is ever ready to dress you a new. Just come, stand before him as you are in humility and total submission to him and you are sure to go away a new person both internally and externally dressed- your heart dressed anew and body dressed not any less.

Are you struggling in sinful rags? Have you been to Jesus for the redress touch? Have been to  Jesus’ boutique? Are you dressed from the lamb’s latest wardrobe? Then you are indeed dressed and if under him you remain for continuous new dressing, then on that one and great day, the marriage supper, at the marriage banquet, you will not be thrown out.
Friend, what does your physical dressing say of you? What does your spiritual reveal of you? What do both external and internal dressing attack to you from bothe heaven and earth, God and man? Rejection or acceptance?Accusation or accolades? Condemnation or commendation?