We today live in a world where the whole of humankind is beraved of peace. The dire need for peace is beyond emphasis. Everyday you wake up what dominates the media in all of its mediums is one form of crisis after another. The original nature of man has terribly change. He was and placed in the place of and in state of peace bit he has turned the world peace.less. And he of all created beings is the worst hit for it.  For without peace in the tiniest bit of it, life gets to be miserable.

Peace we know, is one indispensable need of everyone living. And the need for it cuts across every human strata and this includes even those who will not allow others have peace. Every human effort at getting peace instituted in human society has defied success. God ever out for the best of humanity however, has offered human kind peace, peace such as is without the use of weapons. How did God do it?
Heaven opened herself and placed her most precious in the hand of men through the womb of a woman. The omnipotent in one moment made himself powerless, vulnerable and breakable. He who had been spirit became a body, tangible whippable and pierceable. He who is larger than the universe became an embryo. He who sustains the world with a word choose to be dependent upon the nourishment of a young girl. God has come down, God has come near to us humankind, God has come to dwell with humankind; he is Emmanuel God with us and he is the Prince of peace.

How has the World lost its peace? By losing Jesus Christ. So also if you have lost your peace, then it is because you have lost immanuel God with you and the Prince of peace.  The world will ever remain peace less, until it traces its way back to Jesus Christ.
So long as it depends on you, do model peace and live peace.

+Jwan Bukuru.