The spouse of your life is the choice of your heart. And what takes the best part of your heart reflects a lot in the totality of your life. Daily then, our way of life tells who our spouse indeed is. And the moment by moment thought of your beloved spouse informs your choices and checks your behaviour. So then, that you may know someone else’s spouse take a look at their choices and check their behavior. If God is all the spouse we have, then our ways should be meet of him.

Yet every now and then, hard as we try, sin often interjects and upsets our efforts at living up to his expectations.

Sin is that which by commission or omission, we contrarily do in thought, word and deed that breaches God’s instructions, ordinances and counsels and which upsets him and leaves him displeased with us.

Sin is not what a true child of God is comfortable with. Every time it hits us, it is like a literal rubbing of a stinking mess on one. The child of God indeed who sins, is himself/herself left in a pool of shame, unsettled and uncomfortable. And the apostle John tells us that he is writing the children of God that they may not sin. Yet he remembers that it is not as easy not to sin. Should anyone sin nonetheless, John points us to Jesus Christ the righteous who is the advocate of every sinful believer. And because He does not desire the death of any who sins, Jesus Christ daily pleads our sinful cases before the Father.

And while we daily descend so low to roosting on unrighteousness characterized by our sinful choices and sinful indulgences, He, ever truly righteous, stands stout in righteousness before the Father unfailingly in continues pleading of our cases.

And it will seem Man’s tie with and love for sin is such as cannot be severed. The apostle Paul in struggling to break free from sin said:

“So I find it to be a law that when I want to do right evil lies close at hand. For I delight in the law of God in my inner being, but I see in my members another law waging war against the law of my mind and making me a captive to the law of sin that dwells in my members. What a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from the body of death? (Romans 7:21-34).

If it were possible, the head of every child of God and particularly of preachers would be anointed, if anointing would serve as an inoculation against sin. So that none will sin again while this world still stands. Yet this is impossible, for should that happen, then the new heaven and the new earth would have been birthed. But for as long as fallen man remains dwelling in this old world, sin will continue to pursue man and man pursuing sin. Else as some writer says, “if any person can be removed from the possibility of sin, he or she can only be some kind of a robot run by pulleys, wheels and push buttons.” For he asserted, “A person morally incapable of doing evil would be, by the same token, morally incapable of doing good.” When Jesus on the Cross of Calvary is looked to in faith by a sinner, the wretched and repentant sinner of today, becomes the saint of tomorrow. For there was never a saint without a sinner.

Therefore in this world and by the graciousness of God who gives man a free will, a free human will is necessary to the concept of morality. For it is the exercise of the free will that chooses evil and by the same token, chooses good.

Nonetheless, there is an implication for every choice this free will pushes us to making. So whether we toe the path of unrighteousness or righteousness, the path of sin or sainthood, the path of evil or good, to each there is a pay.

It is however to be noted that while one choice takes away and robs us of life, the other imputes and gives us life. That while satan courts for sin-comes to steal and destroy, Jesus advocates and pleads our sinful …

+Jwan Bukuru