Choice is an innate drive that gives humankind the freedom to prefer, have a favourite, to have his heart going out to, going for and picking his heart’s desire in some-being or something from a pool. It is the liberty to choose what one is attracted to from the options at his disposal. It is God given and enables us to think, ponder, decide and go for what we feel led to, the direction we want to go and how we want to conduct ourselves-act or behave. Though God given, He does not force our exercise of it. He only watches and counsels through His word and His Holy Spirit, and desires that we go by His mind, yet without coercion.

Life daily runs on the wheel of choice. And no life ever runs in the direction it goes without choice. The human choice could become a daily repetition of the same. A repeated choice becomes a habit, marks you out and becomes your identity.

In our context, a few people have the pleasure of a plethora of material things to choose from and are daily with the choice of what to eat, wear, ride or drive etc. But common to all of us and at the disposal of everyone, is the big pool from which to choose-the pool of behaviour. Everyone has the behavioural trait enshrined in them. We then choose our behaviour from the pool that is within us. The behaviour that is repeatedly chosen, becomes an attitude, and attitude builds character and character becomes your mark of identity. And your character like your gifts announces and advertises you. It gives you acceptance or rejection. And whatever character you parade is a choice. And choice should not be orchestrated by circumstances, but should be of a proposition  of the heart as the scripture thus points us to, “But Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the King’s delicacies, nor with the wine which he drank...” (Daniel 1:8).

The heart set on God and set to please Him, is not a sell out nor a cheap prey of delicacies no matter from whose pot they are served; on whose table they are set or from whose hand they are dolled out and flow. The apostle Paul incarcerated in a Roman dungeon, would not let his heart despair nor be given to complains. He rather, writing the Philippians’ church, admonished it saying, “Do everything without complaining or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in the midst of a crooked and a perverse generation among whom you shine as light in the world, holding fast the word of life, so that I may rejoice in the day of Christ that I have not ran in vain or laboured in vain,”  (Philippians 2:14-16).

The apostle here proposed to the church a choice not to be complain-lords nor people given to argument because of the godly acrewals that are available to them in benefits. They would be blameless, harmless, children of God who are without fault in the midst of  a crooked and a perverse generation among whom they shine as light in the world....These benefits would not be theirs if they chose otherwise.

Every choice we make has a pay. There is a Cheque attached in blessing or curse, reward or bpunishment.There is a repercussion to whatever choice we go for. The choice to complain and to live on complaining, will raise and magnify us as complaining bigots. We acquire the status of a nagging complainer when we fail to place a check on, and put a stop to our complaining tendency and go ahead relentlessly to pursue and grow a habit out of it. The choice to complain estranges and sidelines you. It pushes you to the brink of life and gets you off reckoning and relevance, because it is a behaviour that is difficult to tame. The one given to complaining is difficult to help and difficult to please. And at the base of every complaining tone, is an underlying bitterness. As they complain, you hear them throw up their pent up state; they pour out the venoms that are latent in them. Try as you can to satisfy the complainer, you cannot, yet they will not let you stop trying to get the right drink to quench their unquenchable self-centred thirst. They, with every single opportunity at their disposal, wear you out with their ever unlifted burdens. In their habit of repeated complaining, they become reputable for complaining and build up a reputation for themselves as chronic complainers.

You create an image for yourself and become renown as an avid complainer when there is no limit to your complains. And once you earn for yourself the trademark of a complainer, people avoid you and get themselves lockdown from you like a COVID-19: Coronavirus. And once people begin to run away from you, you sure become a liability and a lone ranger, feeling rejected and unappreciated. This places you in so difficult a position that try as you can, you may never come to terms with the why of your unholy state. Yet attitude does not just pop up overnight. Your daily choice overtime, develops and builds it. As the apostle Paul pointed out by way of encouragement to the Roman church saying, ...”we also rejoice in our suffering because we know that suffering produces perseverance; and perseverance character; and character, hope. And hope does not disappoint...” (Romans 5:3-5).

Our person and personality then, is built through a consistent and persistent practice of our choice behaviour. Complaining is an attitude that is an outcropping of a life ever focused on self. It is selfishly going for what you like as well as the selfish fighting of what you do not like. Complain as such, is self focused and self driven. It is always all about an insatiable search for personal happiness. Paul the apostle again enjoined the same Philippians church to “Rejoice in the Lord, I will say it again, rejoice...” (Philippians 4:4).

So joy like complain is a choice. And much as we are with the capacity to choose complain, we are also with the capacity to choose joy. Therefore whether we complain or rejoice, it is a choice, and what you choose, you go for, and what you go for, you have. And what you have, trails your life, and you either endure or enjoy it. He who however, chooses joy and not complain, goes for something higher than himself and his happiness. Your daily decision makes your daily choice, and your daily choice makes or mars your daily life, and your life in conduct, builds your personality-character.

What circumstance are you in right now? Do not let it dictate and determine your choice,  but let your heart be driven by your fear of, and love for God; let a Spirit filled heart detail your focus and guide your decision. What choice have you made today? What choice are you about making right now? What choice have you made a habit of? Complain or joy? Godly character development or godless character evolvement? Remember that your choice reveals a lot about who you are. Choose not to always complain but to rejoice always. He who chooses life, listens to God and holds fast to him. He who however chooses death, has impliedly chosen curse and destruction awaits him. Pray always and give thanks in all circumstances,for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. (1Thesselonians 5:16-18).

Your Choice, Your Person. Your Choice, Your Pay and Your choice, Your End and Your Eternity. Therefore a Wise Choice , a Glorious End, a Foolish Choice, a Disastrous End.

+Jwan Bukuru.