Right from day one, God planned creation in such a manner that there will be a shepherd and the sheep. He created man to tend and to care, to have dominion over (shepherd) all else and with with himself ‘God’ as “The Shepherd” over all. Is it no wonder then that He was particular about checking on Adam and Eve and ensuring He spend time with them? Every true shepherd is particular about his sheep. His heart is always out to them and he spends time with them. Between the shepherd and the sheep then, is the tie of love, care and time. The shepherd loves, gives time and care to his flock. No wonder the Psalmist-David declared, “The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want.” Good enough the Lord shepherds his flock through human shepherds. These could be a father, teacher, pastor or a leader. The height of all this, is the joy and overriding benefits of having the Lord as your shepherd. Having the Lord as your shepherd, makes you have a God who knows you, a God who loves you, a God who hears you and a God who cares for you. With him as your shepherd, you daily have the power of love behind you and all of heaven ahead of you. With him as your shepherd, you have counsel in regular supply against temptation, with him as your shepherd you have his strength for you weakness, grace for your sins, direction for every turn in life, candle for every dark corner in your life, and an anchor for every storm of life. Is this Lord your shepherd? For how long has He been your shepherd? Is He still your shepherd? Will He continue to be your shepherd? Note that it is only when He is your shepherd that you can shepherd those He has given you charge of, whether as a father, a teacher, pastor or leader of whatever class or grade. Hear Jesus say “I am the good shepherd. I know my sheep... and my sheep know me,” (John 10:14&15).

Are you a good shepherd to your household, the congregation of God’s people under your charge, the class of learners or disciples under your watch or the group which you are privileged to lead? Do you know the sheep God has given you the privilege to have charge over, and do they know you? Do you love them? Do you listen to them and as you desire them to listen to you? Do you care for them? Remember that we have an account to render for our conduct in shepherding God’s flock under our watch. Will your account commend or condemn you? Indite or ignite joy in you? Will it give you a good or a bad end? The Lord right now watches and he cares a great deal about the way you are conducting yourself as the shepherd of his people.