Being aim-full guides our Christian journey and makes us men and women of our words. However, a number of us are aimless and therefore often times give our word but quickly eat it up. The discipline then, of girding up the mind-our spiritual potential and integrity that we may make the necessary progress in our Christian journey and life is necessary.

It is however no gainsaying the fact that man changes like a shifting shadow, and what an infinite distance exists between mere and mortal man and an immutable immortal God! The thought of this is enough to cause us to lie down under the sense of our nothingness in penitent prostration before and in the presence of our creator.

When we do a postmortem of the fall, we will discover that it left man with wounds in two very essential parts of his being-the head and the heart. A wounded head has left man unstable with the truth, and a wounded heart has left him inconsistent and unsteadfast in his claims to love. Since the fall, man has gone without clear direction like a ship without pilot or radar. And like a weathervane, he is tossed, twisted and turned in every direction by every breath of wind. With a sin wounded and unstable head and sin infested and inflicted heart that has given rise to a none-steadfast heart, man is left ever wavering between God and idol-satan. Like a Lot’s wife, who turned against God’s injunction and very good intention to cast our eyes 👀 on the Sodom of our lust and pleasure, while we attempt to run to Jesus the zoar of our safe refuge. Days dawn when we are lifted up with heavenly intentions, but this is quickly countered, pulled down and marred by earthly cares and concerns. Our unstable heads  and hearts make our resolutions like letters written on water unreliable. With John we  are great lovers of Christ today, but the next day like Judas, we find ourselves taking  the heart and image of a betrayer and with Judas selling Jesus for thirty paltry pieces of silver coins. We find ourselves deciding for holiness in the morning, but quickly stooping down to dining with impurity in the evening. Like angels and the devil, we are one wonderful being at dawn, yet such a terrible one at dusk.

Peter in the morning of his excitement, vowed allegiance to  Jesus Christ, only for evening to come to greet his vows with the contradiction of denial. With almost the breath he breathed the vow of his commitment to him, he had using the breath of a greater force, sworn against Him denying him. This unstable nature of the head and heart of man only goes to confirm the apostle Paul confession that the spirit is always at war with the body. The flesh sets its desire against the spirit, and the spirit against the flesh. In a good man there always an iota of and a tendency for dualism. Typical of every good man, there is always a spiritual lethargy of some sort in them.  It may not be in his character to openly defame God, yet he is not consistent and constant in glorifying him. He does not foresake the truth, yet is not always rest assured in it. Therefore how hard is it for us to keep the covenant of our thoughts and affections stay their stand? Build for them the best of pedestals and you can’t tame and keep them flying like refined dust blown and rolled all over the place and like a bird from one branch to another and from tree🌲 to 🌳, man often show himself unstable. Though the truth may be spinned into the great rock of our stannce and our resolves woven into formidable web and though the spirit may triumph  over the flesh as we daily live out our lives , yet our potentially wobbling hearts may turn the quick sand of our sinking. Consequent upon this, we need to bewail head and heart inconsistency and instability. If we must cultivate a stable character of natue, then we must court grace, for by grace alone are able to make and fulfill our vows

The flesh always sentimentally drives. If it is not tamed, it could perpetually show itself in dualism. Can easily give its word, and as well, quickly swallow it up; could show itself positive at one moment and at the same time in next , fall down so law in negatism. And how contrary we are in nature to the unchanging God God, one whose nature and character never changes. Jesus knew the struggles of the flesh when he said of the disciples that “the spirit is willing but the body is weak.” His grace given to us, will reconstruct nature have us the same in our vows, covenants, religious promises and resolutions for good.

What is it that controls me? The Spirit of the flesh? Who details my life? Jesus or satan? What controls and details you drives you.  Is it no wonder then, the apostle Paul counseled the children of God to be drank with the Spirit and not wine.


+Jwan Bukuru