The tendency for us humans is to daily carry the load and weight we cannot carry. We get our hearts loaded and bodies so heavily weighed down with the junks of life. And going that way of futility, we move not an inch in the direction of lifting it down and relief. But while this is a general human tendency, are the Christians exempted? No! But should we be exempted? Yes! Why? Because we have one who has promised to take over our load—in its ares, concerns, worries, troubles desires etc. The Lord has perpetually severally assured and reassured us saying, “I am perpetually with you, taking care of you. That is the most important fact of the existence of a Christian. Our God is not limited by time or space, his presence with us is a promise with an eternal lifespan. You and I need not fear the future for he is already there. When that quantum trust leap you as the child of God makes into eternity, you will find him in heaven waiting for you. Your future and mine is in his hands and he releases it to us on a day by day and moment by moment basis. We are then enjoined not to worry about tomorrow. For, let tomorrow come and he will never be absent, but be there for us to handle the loads we can’t handle that may come with it.

It is the Lord’s desire that as his children, we live each day abundantly, seeing all there is to see, doing all there is to do, having all there is to have. We should not carry on the head of our hearts, future concerns. He has requested us to leave them to him. This is so because each day in which find ourselves living is a glorious gift from him who owns and releases us into the new day and as well releases the new day to us. Yet, so few of us know how to live within the confines of a single day at a time. And because we are the wisdom to love one day at a time, much of our energy for abundant living one day a time, spans and spills over to getting spent in advance as we have it stretched over the timeline into tomorrow’s worries or have it unprofitably settled on past regrets. And in not imbibing the Christ-like discipline of staying within the confines of the abundant life of one day at a time, we have our energy unnecessarily squandered, and rather than waxing in full life, we find ourselves limping (struggling) through the day, as all the energy we have left is to limp and not walk. Consequently, we deny ourselves living a day a time in the maximum of full life. Energy dispersal is a drainer and not gainer. It wastes away and not wasps up.

It is God desire and hope that his children learn and be trained in keeping their focus on his presence in the present and never to overstretch it into the future. For it is the present before the future. A meaningful today, builds the pedestal for a more hopeful and meaningful tomorrow. Treading one day at a time and with our focus on God through his Jesus Christ, is the secret to receiving abundant life which from God’s throne of grace, flows freely to them who have faith and who believe in him.

How do you live through each God given day? How do you handle your daily loads, your burdens? Do you refer them to and have them handed over to Jesus Christ? Are you worried about tomorrow while you have only today’s guarantee of life? Are you heavily laden? Jesus says “come to me and I will give you rest.” Would you go to him today and every? Would you make a habit of letting him have and handle your burdens? Remember that Christ is the burden bearer and no weight is to much nor too heavy for him carry.  If he carried the sins of the whole world in its full weight, what light and momentary weight of your is it that he cannot carry?