(Anglican Communion)


Who we are

The Diocese of Bukuru was created as Missionary Diocese in september, 2006. It was inaugurated on the 5th of March, 2007. It is a Diocese of about five Local government areas of Jos South, Barkin Ladi, Riyom, Mangu and Bokkos located on the high plateau of Plateau State, Nigeria. It is largely rural and agrarian communities. At the begining, it was with a congregation of about 10,000 but persistent crisis due to Fulani militia attacks has today reduced it to about 4,000. In all of the Local Government areas it covers, there is the Anglican Presence. There were a total number of 76 Church congregations spread throughout the Diocese before the crisis, but today 66 are standing with an epileptic record in attendance due to the effect of the crisis which until October was still taking its toll on the Diocese. Ten of the Churches we had have been sacked by the crisis. These are predominantly in Riyom and Barkin Ladi Local Government areas. The Diocese has one of the most vibrant Youth Fellowships in the Province of Nigeria (Anglican Communion). The Mothers' Union/Women Guild and Girls' Guild are active. There is also a men's fellowship. We are evangelical, Mission driven and Education focused. There are 36 Priests, 4 Deacons, 25 Catechist, and 6 Evangelists. Therefore we are guided by our vision and mission statements.


A bible-based, Christ-centred, structurally developed Diocese with well educated membership and godly, caring and self-developing community.


The promotion of evangelism, discipleship, standard education, agricultural and health services and provision of compassionate care/support for children, youth, families and the most vulnerable populations among members and the community.