Choice is an innate drive that gives humankind the freedom to prefer, have a favourite, to have his heart going out to, going for and picking his heart’s desire in some-being or something from a pool. It is the liberty to choose what one is attracted to from the options at his disposal. Read More

While growing up, hunting for us was life. We hunted everything that would give us meat except the mighty and powerful of the wild. Laying traps and spreading out snares along the routes of our preys was an exciting adventure that meaningfully and gainfully occupied our out of farming and harvest seasons. Read More

Right from day one, God planned creation in such a manner that there will be a shepherd and the sheep. He created man to tend and to care, to have dominion over (shepherd) all else and with himself ‘God’ as “The Shepherd” over all. Read More

That our world has been thrown into, and for months now been looming in an overwhelming darkness owing to its being eclipsed by the thick dark clouds of Corona virus, otherwise called COVID19, is a news that has over saturated the atmosphere and is common place. The outbreak, prevalence and reach of this disease,  has fired and injected so much fear in the hearts of governments and peoples all over the the world. Leadership just like the led has been turned aimlessly restless as we do not seem to get it, much as we try. Read More

Calvary the hill of pains and tears is equally the hill of healing, comfort and gains. Out of it has come the material for the building of the house of consolation. The wood of the cross upon which our saviour was crucified became the indispensable material that constructed the necessary house of consolation. The temple of our heavenly blessings is founded on Jesus the Solid Rock turned the unfailing River of our Salvation. Read More

Earthly and human made doors are designed to lock and open. They are principally meant for access and security. Doors to locations where precious and things of noble use are stuffed up, are designed more technically sophisticated than doors to where things of ignoble and ordinary use are kept. On earth, man has the power to lockdown or lockup doors under his watch whenever the occasion warrants and as he feels led. The current individual lockdown of countries and nations is a pointer to this fact. Read More

The world since about three months now has been left confused, lost and running helter skelta, beating its head left, right and Centre all to no avail, over a virus that has been on rampage and such as seems to have defied being tamed. Humanity has been visited by a virus in plague form that cannot be caught let alone nailed. Human laboratories appear to have failed and solution seems far fetched and a long way in coming. The strictly restricted and highly sophisticated enclaves where arsenals of mass destruction have always been churned out, have failed woefully to produce a killer weapon to this killer and mass killer of humankind. Read More