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The Rt. Rev J.N.B Zhumbes MA,Bed,BD,NCE,Cert.Theo
Anglican Bishop of Bukuru


Great facilitators just as great teachers are never raised without going through the rigours of training. And Training the Trainer is not a programme for just anybody, but for a people who are passionate about a cause. They are a people who have shown zeal, consistency and relentlessness in championing a cause. The training of trainers therefore is not an occasion for certification, now improving one's C.V. but a time set apart to further sharpen participants to get them set on edge to cut and cut effectively to further expand, enlarge, widen, increase, grow and develop the business, Kingdom or see, in our case, that is Bukuru Diocese.
In the case of Mission and Evangelism, the principle of Training the Trainer was first began by Jesus Christ. He had many disciples following Him, but he selected some twelve in number out of the lot, taught them over sometime and sent them out to evangelize. St. Mark records thus, "Then Jesus went round teaching from village to village. Calling the twelve to him, he sent them out two by two and gave them authority... They went out and preached that people should repent." (Mark 6: 6b- 7, 12 a).
This year 2016, the Diocese of Bukuru, our diocese has declared as a year of double growth, a year of numerical multiplication, a year of expanding our mission and evangelism frontier. A year of great soul harvest, wining and soul curing. A year of the recovery of our losses and the year of the redemption of every soul that the devil has stolen. This is a year in which like Jesus, every crowds we see, we will not pass by negligently, but pour out in compassion towards. This is a year in which we are determined to swell in generosity of compassion toward souls that wander like sheep without shepherd. This is a year when the one strayed sheep away of the hundred shall be chased and sought after while not neglecting the ninety nine. This is a year when we are set to traverse every field ripe for harvest combing and gleaning every lost and wandering soul. This is a year when the few harvesters that we are, must have all hands on deck to deal a blow to the excessively ripe harvest awaiting our reach.
You are privileged to be part of this Training of Trainers Programme, therefore be here, your body, soul, mind, heart and strength.
Mission and evangelism- God's heart beat, cannot fail to be ours too if we are indeed those who love Him and who have been called according to His purpose for His purpose.
Noting that the hours are few; they must not be wasted. Take in the most you can and go away from here the best you can on the field.
Joyfully walk the dark crevasses of our diocese gropping for souls- that the year ending, we may sing the harvester's song when we take count of the sheaves brought in. Your hearts and mine just as your hands and mine joined together, will turn the flowers into fruit.
With our love - enjoying your training.






Mrs Lois Zhumbes, President MU/WG/GG